NoProb is a golf apparel brand that celebrates the diverse shapes, forms, ages and lifestyles of all women. 

NoProb derives its meaning from the phrase “No Problem,” which reflects the company’s lighthearted, malleable and cooperative philosophy. NoProb attempts to bring more comfort and joy in women’s everyday lives, both on the golf course and elsewhere, in hopes of transporting women from the mundane place around them by golfing their stress away to the outer space! 

Haley Choi and Gemma Nam are two close friends, designers and avid golfers, who create apparels that they would want to include in their own wardrobes to share with the community. 👭 

The Story of NoProb

NoProb logos invite women to envision a flying golf ball at a stress-free “space,” whether that is the golf course, their head space, or anywhere else, both real and imagined. The logos are placed on unexpected spots on the clothing to create a discreet and playful look. 

Every piece in the NoProb collection has been thoroughly vetted and contemplated to elevate the modern female golfer. We pride ourselves in the rigorous selection process, ensuring that only the highest quality materials and fabrics are used to breathe life into our creative designs. All products are made after having been fitted and tested on women of varying body proportions and types to guarantee the perfect fit. 

NoProb designs are unique in that they can be worn casually in everyday life. By incorporating a bold color palette and dynamic combinations of fabrics and prints, NoProb apparel allows women to freely express themselves through their apparel and inspire creativity and positivity around them. 💡 

The NoProb Sustainability Policy 

NoProb is passionate about the environmental protection and incorporates sustainability into all phases of business operations. To reduce our environmental footprint, we use only what is necessary in our packaging, which is also 100% biodegradable and recyclable. 

Moreover, NoProb donates a portion of its profits to Aware, a non-profit animal welfare organization that focuses on institutionalizing animal welfare policies and conducts research as well as educational programs to raise awareness.🐻